Wedding Makeup Q&A

Tips and tricks from a professional makeup artist

We Design Weddings has paired up with Joli Image Consulting to bring you a special list of advice about skin care and makeup for your wedding day! Lisa Freeman, co-owner of Joli Image Consulting, has been in the makeup and skincare industry for over 25 years. For Lisa, being a makeup artist is more than just an artistic outlet – “I have always loved making people look and feel beautiful!” she says. Enjoy Lisa’s expert advice!

Let’s start with skincare. Many brides completely neglect to think about beauty regimen in the months leading up to the Big Day, only to end up using a facial mask the night before which causes them to break out and require extra makeup in the morning. Here’s what Lisa had to say about prepping:

If I have set aside money to get professional skin care treatment before my wedding, what treatment do you recommend and how soon before the Big Day should I go?
If you are using the proper skincare consistently, then you really don’t need to get any special treatment outside of a basic, non-abrasive facial to make sure your skin is hydrated for your big day.

Are there any skin care DON’TS that I should be aware of when planning for skin care?
Be sure to avoid any abrasive treatments the week before your wedding – like chemical peels or microdermabrasion. These kinds of treatments could leave your skin red, and everyone heals differently.

What skincare products do you recommend I have on hand the day of the wedding?
Make sure your skin is cleansed properly. I recommend Rodan + Fields because they have products for every age and skincare concern. Eye cream and hydrating moisturizers are must-haves for the Big Day!

Now that you’re skin is glowing and ready, what about makeup?
Here are some common questions from brides answered by Lisa.

I usually wear just lip gloss and mascara. Do I really need makeup for my wedding? Will I look like myself?
You always want to be comfortable with your wedding makeup. Whether to wear makeup or not can depend on if you’re going to be married in the daytime or evening. Evening weddings tend to require a much lighter application, as the light will be softer. You can definitely have your makeup done and still look like you!

Should I schedule a trial run or consultation before the Big Day? How far in advance should I contact a makeup artist?
I always suggest a consultation so you can make decisions with your makeup artist. This helps both of you know what your expectations will be on your wedding day. I suggest getting in touch with your artist at least three months in advance.

Do I need to get my hair done before my makeup? How long will it take?
You can have your hair done before or after – it makes no difference. I usually suggest to plan at least one hour to complete your makeup application.

Should I have my entire bridal party get their makeup done?
Do they have to match mine?

It’s completely up to you on this one. It’s always fun to have makeup done as a group, and it makes for some really cute getting ready photos. Their makeup doesn’t necessarily have to match yours. I suggest you communicate with everyone prior to the wedding about how you would like their makeup to be done. A classic look is the most popular.

How can I get my makeup to last for the full day? Any other tips or tricks?
If your skin is properly prepped before your color is applied, your makeup will last all day. Make sure your eyebrows are groomed! Drink plenty of water and a get a good night’s sleep the night before, and you’re going to look beautiful!

We really enjoyed chatting with Lisa about the beautiful details of wedding makeup. She and her sister Jodi run Joli Image Consulting out of Los Angeles. If you would like to get in touch with Lisa to discuss your wedding look, you can email her at or call 917-273-6853. Be sure to check out her website for more information. Happy wedding planning!