Wedding Hair Stylist Q&A

An interview with a professional wedding hair stylist

Brides want to be picture perfect on their Big Day! We Design Weddings has paired up with Alicia Daugherty of Gala’s Hair Quarters in downtown Kansas City to answer some common questions posed by brides about wedding day hair! Alicia has been a lifelong stylist, practicing her art on everything from Barbie dolls to her sister and friends. “My passion has yet to fade. Nothing is better than seeing the strong expression of a happy lady on her wedding day!” she says. Enjoy Alicia’s expert advice!

We decided to start with the basics, and asked Alicia what brides should be looking for in a wedding hair stylist. Here are her thoughts:

What makes an excellent wedding hair stylist?
A bride should look for a hairstylist that is put together, stylish, calm and collective. A person that is patient and willing to take the time to sit down with you to answer any and all questions. The bride and the hairstylist need to have a connection, as the bride is giving herself to a stranger to ensure she has that magical look that will never be forgotten by her family and close friends. You’re looking for someone who will be able to create art that is a soft gentle perfection, showcasing your personality.

How long should I plan for my hair styling the day of my wedding? What about my bridesmaids?
Once the final details are discussed, the amount of time will vary. I suggest at least an hour, if not a little longer for the bride’s wedding day hairstyle. The bridesmaids should be more casual, only taking thirty to forty-five minutes.

Should I wash my hair the day of my wedding?
I advise that wedding day hair is not freshly washed. This applies to the bride, bridesmaids and anyone else seeking a hairstyle the day of the wedding.

Next we inquired about the latest wedding hair styles and trends. Brides often want to know whether to try a new hairstyle or stay with their go-to do.

What are some trending bridal hairstyles right now?
The biggest trends in bridal hair are always classic: top knots, chignons, braids and twists. Bridal hair should be minimalistic, including a little volume and displaying a small elegant hair accessory. I think the bride should always sport some sort of up-do style. Anything down is casual – leave the casual curls for the bridesmaids!

I’m nervous I won’t look like myself if I do my hair very different than usual – any advice?
No, need to be nervous. You have taken the time to handpick the stylist that you wanted involved in creating your wedding day hair. Hairstyles should be designed with the bride’s personal style in mind. A style shouldn’t take away from your personality or make you feel unlike yourself. A bride’s hair should be an accessory complimenting her final look!

Should I stick with a single hair accessory, a veil or both?
I prefer an elegant hairstyle with a chic, dainty hair accessory. If you know you are going to be wearing a veil, don’t forget to let your hairstylist know so your wedding day hair can be styled accordingly. If you wear a veil, leave the accessories behind.

Some of the hairiest worries brides have about their wedding is how to keep that picture perfect look all day. We asked Alicia to speak to these worries:

How will I get my hair style to stay perfect throughout the entire wedding?
Your handpicked stylist will use the appropriate styling products that match your hair type, to ensure your hair will stay in place throughout your wedding day. After your hair is styled, your hair design will be generously sprayed with a heavy hold hair spray along with a finishing spray.

What is the single most important hair product to have on hand on my wedding day?
As a stylist, the most important hair product is a working spray or a leave in product and bobby pins. As a bride, your single most important product is your stylist – and a bottle of a strong hair spray, just in case.

Any other touch-up products you suggest?
Be sure to leave your hands off your style. If you’re wearing a veil, be sure to discuss removing it with your stylist and use your bridesmaids for help. Just in case a touch-up is needed, I recommend that same bottle of strong hair spray.

In closing, we asked Alicia to pass along a timeframe for contacting your wedding hairstylist. She emphasized that a trial run is a MUST, and that brides should look at contacting potential stylists three to six months before your wedding.

When we asked for any other tips she might have for brides, she said:

Don’t forget consultation! You must be comfortable with the stylist you choose to design your wedding day hair. Ask questions – no question is silly or unimportant. On your wedding day, relax, breath and enjoy – your hair is in great hands and you will look absolutely timeless.

We really enjoyed our chat with Alicia! Kansas City brides looking to get in touch with her can email her at She is also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Styleseat! Or, if you’re more of an offline bride, feel free to swing by Gala’s Hair Quarters at 1000 Walnut, Suite 209 in Kansas City, Missouri 64106. They are open Monday through Friday 8am – 4pm.