Wedding Design : Inspiration Board 101

You want your wedding to be the talk of the town and that special night to remember for all your friends and family. You can make your dream wedding a reality with a little patience and planning. One of the first items you will need for the wedding design process is a color palette.

To begin to form a color palette, it is a good idea to gather visual research. There are hundreds of thousands of wedding images to browse through on Pinterest, Etsy, The Knot and Instagram. You can also attend a bridal show for more great ideas. In choosing a color palette, take into consideration the time of year your wedding will be held. Also remember your colors will need to be available in fabric, paper and many other items so be sure to shop online and in store before you make a final decision. Sometimes it is easier to select a family of colors instead of a specific hue. For example, consider a set of cool blues over Tiffany blue. It might save you a headache down the road when your invitation vendor informs you there is no such paper color to match the bridesmaid dresses you’ve already purchased.

Once your color palette is finalized, pair it up with all of the images you found online and in stores. Don’t forget to look for your colors in unlikely places like the grocery store, on a nature walk or old family photos. You now have the beginnings of an essential planning tool: the Inspiration Board. This board can be a physical pinboard or scrapbook, a digital collection on Pinterest or a combination of the two. Whichever format suits you best, gather swatches, sayings, colors, photos, snippets, tid bits and grand ideas to add to your Inspiration Board. Be specific in your choosing, make notes when necessary like “I love the layout of this invitation, but I’d like a more modern font” or “Love this centerpiece idea, replace the roses with daisies.” Specific notes will help your wedding planner, florist and stationary designers get a very clear picture of your wedding vision.

We Design Weddings has put together several digital inspiration boards for you to peruse on Pinterest. Our featured inspiration board is one we completed for our bride who had a vision of Some Enchanted Evening for her wedding. You can view the board here. You will find that the board is not only a collection of clever ideas for decorations, hair and accessories, but also a gathering of look-and-feel photos of moss and greenery that helped to invoke a feeling of walking through an enchanted forest. This inspiration board drove the design behind a wedding that was the talk of the town for weeks on end! View our gallery for some final photographs from the wedding.

We Design Weddings would LOVE to build a complimentary inspiration board for your wedding! Send us an email with a request to get started, and be sure to follow us on Pinterest!