Selecting Wedding Ceremony Music

Selecting Wedding Ceremony Music

Alternatives for “Here Comes the Bride”

Many brides have known which song she would choose for her Big Moment for years! Others have carefully selected a song and kept it a secret, only to have it be the most popular selection by the time they get hitched. We Design Weddings has helped brides put together a slate of music for the wedding ceremony that both captures the character of the happy couple and communicates positive, upbeat messages for friends and family in attendance. We wanted to share a few tips and less-traditional ideas on music!

    So you’ve selected the date, booked the venue, purchased a dress, have nearly decided which invitation design you’re going with and your ceremony officiant wants to know what song choices you’ve made – yikes! Don’t panic. You and your wonderful groom-to-be can assemble a list that will knock everyone’s socks off!

  1. Grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine and sit down with your sweetie to compile a list of your favorite songs. Once you’ve exhausted your brains, you might spend some time on the internet to see if there were any you missed.

  2. Next, take the time to look up the lyrics to those songs, and make notes next to tunes you think have the most relevant meaning.

  3. Spend a little time on YouTube looking for instrumental covers of the songs that you love, but have lyrics that are either a little inappropriate for a church setting or not quite a perfect fit for a wedding day.

  4. Lastly, assign the songs where you feel they fit the best! You’ll be looking for music to seat parents and grandparents, for the bridal processional, the presentation of the bride, any special ceremony moments like unity candle lighting, a recessional song and at least 1-2 songs that can be played before everything begins and afterwards while your guests are entering and exiting the venue.
That’s it! You did it! Now, be sure to submit your list to your officiant, musicians and vocalists so everyone is on the same page. You’ll want to check in a few weeks before the Big Day to confirm that all artists have practiced your selections and don’t need to make any last minute changes. Make sure to verify this before your programs go to print!

For any brides getting married in a church, be sure to ask your officiant ahead of time about music – there might be some restrictions on which songs you can choose. Even if faced with these restrictions, we encourage you to compile the list anyway and bring it to your officiant to discuss. We’ve had brides surprised by what has been approved!

If you’re absolutely stuck, we’ve put together a list of ten fabulous wedding ceremony songs that are more unique and non-traditional selections. Enjoy and be inspired!

Edelweiss by Rodgers and Hammerstein
Check out other songs from The Sound of Music like Climb Ev’ry Mountain – the lyrics to this song are beautiful and so appropriate for a wedding!
The Book of Love by Peter Gabriel
The book of love is long and boring, but this sweet musical tribute is not! What a heartfelt selection for walking down the aisle!
So This is Love from Walt Disney’s Cinderella
A lovely tune which whimsically speaks of true love. A wonderful idea for a soloist, duet or check out an instrumental version here!
Love Song from the Broadway Musical “Pippin”
Another great duet! We think this song simplified to two vocalists and a guitar would be beautiful!
Kindle My Heart by Patrick Doyle
We love these lyrics! A simple, sweet sentiment.
Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles
A classic song that will have all your guests humming along!
Bridge Over Troubled Waters by Simon and Garfunkel
From the groom to the bride, this would be a gorgeous alternative to “Here Comes the Bride”
Que Sera Sera by Doris Day
A playful song that makes for a sentimental to the altar! Que sera sera!
Love from Walt Disney’s Robin Hood
“Life is brief, but when it’s gone, love goes on and on!” Perfect for a fairytale wedding!
Top of the World by The Carpenters
With a cute retro flair, this upbeat selection might have your guests tapping their feet!