Bridal Showers 101 Part 3

Bridal Showers 101 Part 3

Towel Registry

You’ve registered for your kitchen – let’s move on to the bath! To the Bride dedicates several pages to towels, and we’re ready to share it with you! There are hundreds of brands of towels available in various stores across America, but in 1956 “Martex and quality are synonymous. For more than fifty years Martex has pioneered in the development of fabric, color and design. Several of Martex’ original patterns and constructions, both in terry towels and kitchen towels, have been selected for their good design to be displayed by the Museum of Modern Art.” Although we were unable to find the collection that featured their towels, Martex is still considered a great brand of towel in 2014! Today the line is owned by WestPoint Home, which also manages Izod, Ralph Lauren, Hanes, and Five Star Hotel.

The “Starter List” for newlyweds as suggested by our 1950s editors include 12 bath towels, 12 guest towels, 12 fingertip towels, 24 face cloths, 3 terry tub mats, 4 bath sheets, 2 tufted bath rugs, 2 lid covers, 6 linen guest towels and 2 shower and window curtain sets. You would need a hefty linen closet to house all of that! We looked around for some 21st century advice on calculating the number and type of towels to buy, and we found several! One source suggested a simple equation:

(House residents + Guest bedrooms) x 2 = sets of bath towels and wash cloths

We were suggested to own two hand towels per bathroom, and each one should have a bath mat and a spare (if you have two bathrooms, you should have three bath mats). Bed, Bath and Beyond suggests there be three towels for each of you, and four for your guest room. The Wedding Channel suggested we purchase three sets of towels each, with a set including a bath towel, hand towel and a washcloth.

Any way you slice today’s advice, you’ll need a lot less than what you would have purchased in 1956. Does this mean we do laundry more frequently or we’re more comfortable with being dirty?

Monogrammed towels in 1956 were definitely popular, and “so inexpensive, you can literally afford to have dozens.” Today, monogrammed towels are still popular, though owning dozens may be a little much. We found some really cute monogrammed options on Etsy:

This Mr. and Mrs. Monogrammed Towel Set is simply gorgeous, and includes a bath towel and two hand towels. We thought the muted color choice for the thread was an excellent idea for a wedding gift – it will go with anything! That makes this a timeless gift you can enjoy year after year. Let Maggie at Maggie’s Embroidery know if you prefer block or script font and she’ll take good care of you!

This towel set by Sew Magic Embroidery is a more simple approach to the monogrammed towel. The set includes a bath towel, hand towel and wash cloth. The bold, serif font choice in the example is very modern and also appears in a more neutral-colored stitching which we LOVE! Elizabeth washes her towels twice before embroidering to make sure they don’t shrink, and sends each order with love! Order your set as a gift or for yourself!

Your guest room wouldn’t be complete without these beautifully embroidered Fingertip Towels by Monograms Etc. Sallie offers a variety of fonts and thread color, and puts together a set of towels we know the bride will love! These would also make a great housewarming or hostess gifts!

We have really enjoyed the registry suggestions from To the Bride. Catch the final registry post next week when we go over items that couples don’t often register for but should!